As a strong believer in the barter economy, I welcome trades, especially from people who might not otherwise be able to access my services. Following is a list of things I might be willing to trade for.

Local (North Carolina Triangle Area)

  • Massage, acupuncture, spa services;
  • Fresh produce and home-grown goodness and body care;
  • Class passes: hooping, dance, fitness;
  • Tattoo and/or makeup services;
  • Photography (business and personal);
  • Yard work;
  • Instruction for myself or my children.

Not necessarily local

  • Editing services;
  • Professional graphics, website design;
  • Artwork for my home;
  • Meditation music to use in my recordings;
  • Foods and herbs that can be mailed (dried, fermented, herbs, teas, coffee);
  • Homemade goodies (Etsy sellers, let’s talk!) — art, flow props, archery supplies, bath and skin care, jewelry, clothing, outdoor decor, wind chimes, candles, incense.

Please propose a trade in advance to allow me time to see what is being offered. Pictures or links to your web site or store will be helpful. Acceptance of trades is not guaranteed until it has been explicitly approved in writing or email. Thank you!